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[Aug 2019] TrackMPD is a three-dimensional particle-tracking model for the transport of marine plastic debris in oceans and coastal systems. The power of TrackMPD lies in: (1) its compatibility with diverse formats of current-velocity inputs; and (2) its ability to extend the Lagrangian modelling of advection-diffusion by adding more-complex and realistic particle behaviours and physical processes. The TrackMPD code is open source, licensed under GPL. Users can find the code, the term of use and a getting-started tutorial on GitHub.

Análisis de armónicos con T_Tide (Tidal analysis with T_Tide)

[Sept 2013, spanish] Tutorial and Matlab script to perform a classical tidal harmonic analysis using T_Tide.

(Tutorial y scripts de Matlab para realizar un análisis de armónicos de marea con T_Tide.)

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