about me

Hola! I’m Isabel Jalón Rojas. I’m a CNRS Research Scientist working on coastal physical oceanography at the EPOC laboratory (France). My research interests include estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics, morphodynamics and transport of sediments and microplastics. I am particularly interested in understanding how climate change and human interventions impact estuarine systems. My research involves numerical and semi-analytical modeling and observational studies. It is directed both to basic research questions and applied problems of societal concern, such as water quality.


Once, in a workshop, I heard that the best way to describe yourself is by listing three things that you can’t stop doing. I liked the idea! These are my top three:

I can’t stop coming up with new research questions and potential strategies to solve them. I also ask questions about the world around me, gather data to back my opinions, and make decisions about my everyday life (e.g. food, health, consumption) based on science.


I am committed to the community and the future of our planet both personally and profesionally. My research aims to provide answers to global and local environmental issues, and I am an advocate for equality, diversity and collaboration in academia.


I am a planner, but I also live in the moment and savor the little things of life. Doing
science gives me fulfilment, so I enjoy my day-to-day work and try to create a good atmosphere in the lab. Nevertheless, work-life balance is essential for me, so I live life actively and enjoy my passions.


I am fortunate to have collected memories from these beautiful countries 🙂
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